The Galbiati Tower [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

1 hour and 10 minutes walk. The Galbiati Tower of Grandola ed Uniti is an imposing medieval tower located in the historic center of the municipality. Historical testimony of the region, it offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valley and represents a fascinating place to visit for lovers of architecture and history.

Menaggio Mountain Hut [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

25 minutes by car and 2 hours walk. The CAI Menaggio Mountain Hut is located at 1383 m in the municipality of Plesio above Menaggio, at the foot of Mount Grona. It offers a refreshment and rest point for hikers, with a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and the lake below.

Sass Corbee [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

10 minutes by car and a 40 minutes walk. Sass Corbee is a fascinating rock located in Val Sanagra. With its forested slopes and hiking trails, it offers nature lovers a unique opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes and enjoy a true immersion in mountain tranquillity.

Piano Lake [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

9 minutes by car. Piano Lake is a hidden gem surrounded by woods and mountains, located in a peaceful valley. Its crystalline waters reflect the surrounding landscape, creating a scene of great beauty. It is an ideal place to immerse yourself in nature, go hiking and enjoy moments of peace and serenity.

Menaggio [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

10 minutes by car. Menaggio is a pretty town on the shores of Lake Como, famous for its charming lakefront and suggestive squares. It offers a wide choice of outdoor activities, including mountain excursions, water sports and the chance to visit charming historic villas.

Villa Camozzi Museum [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

10 minutes walk. The Val Sanagra Ecomuseum, housed in the suggestive Villa Camozzi in Grandola, is a place that celebrates and preserves the naturalistic and cultural wealth of the Val Sanagra. It offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the environment, flora, fauna and local traditions, promoting environmental awareness and enhancement of the territorial heritage.

Furnace Galli [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

13 minutes by walk. The Galli Furnace in Grandola ed Uniti is a historic brick factory which represents an important industrial heritage. Founded in the 19th century, the furnace has contributed to local development and testifies to the artisan tradition of the area.