The Crocetta [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

6 minutes by car and a two minutes walk. La Crocetta di Menaggio is a small chapel located on the summit of Monte Grona above Menaggio, on Lake Como. It is a point of reference for hikers and offers a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding region, inviting visitors to enjoy moments of contemplation and spirituality in a peaceful and suggestive atmosphere.

Val Sanagra Park [sc name="a-piedi"][/sc]

15 minutes walk. The Val Sanagra Park is located in a splendid valley wedged in the heart of the Lepontine Pre-Alps. The name of the valley derives from the presence of the Sanagra torrent, known by as Senagra, which flows from the slopes of the mountains to Menaggio (200 m).